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Campaign Urges Voter Support of Peoria County Schools Sales Tax

Friends of Peoria County Schools launched its 'Vote Yes’ Campaign at Richwoods High School Thursday. Many of the 18 school districts within Peoria County were represented, along with State Senator Dave Koehler and the Regional Superintendent of Schools. Andrea Tortora is managing the ‘Vote Yes’ Campaign. She says the 1/2-percent sales tax is needed in the face of underfunded state aid. She says it is another way to share the expense of school building improvements rather than relying on the...
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A Closer Look as Deadline for Chicago Teachers Strike Nears

Teachers in the country's third-largest city have cranked up the heat in contract talks, threatening to go on strike in less than two weeks. The Chicago Teachers Union and school district officials are clashing over cost-of-living raises, pension contributions and health care costs in negotiations that have stretched into a second year.
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Questions Of Race And Charter Schools Divide Education Reformers

What does it mean to declare that #blacklivesmatter in education?Last month the Movement for Black Lives, representing elements of the Black Lives Matter movement and related groups, issued a detailed policy platform denouncing what it called "corporate-backed," "market driven" "privatization" in school reform, and helped set off a furor over this question.Under the section labeled "community control," M4BL called for an end to state and mayoral takeovers of school systems in favor of local,...
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Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump released their medical records earlier this month, and now it's Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson's turn to boast that he is "extremely physically fit."

The letter from the former New Mexico governor's physician, Dr. Lyle B. Amer of Santa Fe, explains that the 63-year-old Johnson's "decades of dedication to physical fitness, diet, no drinking, and no smoking have paid dividends as far as his current extraordinarily good health at this time of his life." (We'll come back to that smoking line).

It's been one year since health officials in Michigan warned people in the city of Flint to stop drinking the tap water after a research team from Virginia Tech discovered elevated lead levels.

To this day, Flint's water is still not safe to drink without a filter. While funding has been scarce to replace corroded pipes, Congress reached a deal this week that could send millions of dollars in aid to Flint.

It's one of the most famous delis in the U.S., if not the world; its food has been called "nearly orgasmic" — but now comes word that New York's famed Carnegie Delicatessen will be closing its doors at the end of 2016.

On Friday, New Orleans received new flood maps from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Overnight, more than half the population moved out of the so-called high-risk zone.

But with half the city at or below sea level and memories of massive flooding after Hurricane Katrina 11 years ago, some residents are worried these new maps send the wrong message.

State workers suing to put an end to mandatory union dues will appeal a judge's order dismissing their case.  That's according to their attorney, Jacob Huebert, who is with the conservative-supported Liberty Justice Center.  

Author Studs Terkel interviewed piano player Hots Michaels while entertaining guests at the Hotel Sherman, where he worked for decades.

Italian Police Recover Stolen Van Gogh Paintings

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Republican Mark Kirk has repeatedly criticized Democratic U.S. Rep. Tammy Duckworth's service as director of the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs as he fights to keep his U.S. Senate seat.  His latest attacks come in campaign ads that claim there was "shocking abuse" of veterans, manipulated wait lists and retaliation against "whistle-blowers" under the Iraq War veteran's watch.

Crisis pregnancy centers in northern Illinois have filed a federal lawsuit saying their employees' freedom of speech and religious rights will be violated if the state forces them to give patients information about abortion services.

Samsung is facing another big problem with one of its products — reports of exploding top-loading washing machines.

The timing likely couldn't be less serendipitous. Earlier this month, Samsung recalled its new Galaxy Note 7 smartphone after dozens of users reported that the batteries exploded or caught fire.