Mother Files Suit Against Peoria for Son's Death

PEORIA, Ill. - A mother whose son was fatally shot by Peoria police las September is suing the city and several officers. The lawsuit filed in federal court in Peoria late Sunday alleges officers shot Eddie Russell Jr. at least 17 times as he lifted a garage at the family's Peoria home with both hands. He was the only a suspect in an armed bank robbery that happened immediately before he retreated into the family home and refused to communicate for three hours. The filing says officers knew...

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Durbin Backs Illinois Lawmaker's Nomination for Ambassador Post

Democratic U-S Senator Dick Durbin is supporting a Republican state senator to be the next ambassador to Kenya. That’s despite the significant political differences Durbin has with state Senator Kyle McCarter. Durbin says he’s impressed with McCarter’s decades-long experience with the African nation. “I doubt if very many people in Illinois know the commitment that Kyle and his family have made to Kenya, and the medical care that they provide through a clinic there is nothing short of amazing...

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Defiant Homeland Security Secretary Defends Family Separations

Updated at 7:55 p.m. ET Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen is continuing to defend the Trump administration's controversial "zero tolerance" policy that results in separating children from their parents who enter the U.S. illegally. Nielsen appeared at the White House press briefing on Monday, falsely blaming Democrats for the current crisis and arguing that the impetus is on Congress to pass a law to close legal loopholes. "What has changed is that we no longer exempt entire...

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House Republican leaders are reworking their "compromise" immigration bill to include a provision that modifies — but doesn't completely end — the "zero tolerance" policy being enforced now by the Trump administration.

Illinois' Medicaid program will soon provide preventative dental care for almost half a million low-income residents.

  PEORIA, Ill. (AP) - The cleanup is underway for the massive rock slide in Peoria County.


Excavation equipment started work last week along Kickapoo Creek Road to remove the boulders, earth and trees blocking traffic between Harmon Highway and Bartonville.


The county has seen rock slides before. But officials say they have never seen anything like what happened on May 31 when a bluff gave way and sent rock, soil and trees tumbling from as high as 50 feet above the road.  


Illinois will soon mint commemorative coins to mark the state’s 200th birthday. They're the latest in a string of products the state is offering to mark its bicentennial year.

Illinois Treasurer Mike Frerichs hosted a several months-long contest, challenging designers to capture Illinois’ history on a single coin face. Submissions poured in from far and wide, but they were eventually whittled down to five finalists, whose designs were then voted on by the public.

The first week of the World Cup is arguably the best: three matches a day, none at the same time. It is Soccer Christmas for futbol fans, and it's hard to get much work done at the office.

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Here's the thing about There There, the debut novel by Native American author Tommy Orange: Even if the rest of its story were just so-so — and it's much more than that — the novel's prologue would make this book worth reading.

  CHICAGO - A new organization to promote, remember and protect African American firefighters and emergency workers is opening its doors on the Chicago's southwest side.


The Black Fire Brigade will officially open its doors with a June 23 ceremony at the brigade's new home that will include the unveiling of a memorial to the 13 black Chicago firefighters and paramedics who have died in the line of duty.


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  CHICAGO - Elizabeth Brackett, a longtime Chicago journalist and world-champion triathlete, has died four days after an apparent bicycle accident. She was 76.


PBS affiliate WTTW, where Brackett hosted "Chicago Tonight" for two decades, said on its website Brackett died in the hospital surrounded by family members.


Brackett had been in a coma with a fractured vertebra in her neck following the apparent fall Wednesday morning near the city's lakefront bike trail. She had been training for a triathlon.