Biss Campaign

Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Daniel Biss started a 10-Day Campaign Tour in Peoria Friday. Biss is a state Senator who represents the 9th District. He’s calling the tour The Road Forward.

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner has approved regulations that require pharmacists to counsel customers who seek to fill prescriptions for new medications or need changes to longtime prescriptions.

A Peoria fire department wants to teach CPR to 8,000 people over the next two years.

Gov. Bruce Rauner says a plan that would limit cooperation between authorities in Illinois and federal immigration authorities "seems very reasonable."

The Prairie Center of the Arts is hosting its 4th Regional Alumni Art Exhibition. It features the work of 28 artists -- all alumni of the Center's residency program. We spoke with Barb Hoffmann and Michael Gilbert, two current residents. They talk about what the residency program has meant for them, and how it has enhanced their work. We also discussed a few of the works included in the exhibit, representing multiple styles and media.

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Award-winning broadcaster and former NBC news anchor Tamron Hall will headline the Martin Luther King Jr. luncheon in Peoria.

A political cartoon circulated by a conservative Illinois think tank with ties to Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner has triggered accusations of racism and insensitivity in the wake of the deadly rally attack in Virginia.

A spokeswoman for Gov. Bruce Rauner's re-election campaign dismissed attacks by would-be Democratic challengers.

Secretary of State Jesse White says he'll seek a sixth term in 2018. 

City Preparing to Launch AmeriCorps-funded Program

Aug 17, 2017
Cass Herrington / Peoria Public Radio

The City of Peoria Public Works Department is launching a new AmeriCorps-funded program this fall. The City’s Innovation Team and Public Works Department designed the initiative, called Peoria Corps.  

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The first day of the academic year was marked by a special ending at Manual Academy yesterday.

The Illinois House has adopted a resolution vilifying white supremacists.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel says President Donald Trump's administration is "wrong morally, wrong factually and wrong legally" as it threatens to end funding for cities that refuse to share information with federal immigration authorities.

Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner says President Donald Trump's comments about a deadly attack at a white nationalist rally in Virginia "damage America." 

Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert has officially completed his 15-month prison sentence and is no longer being monitored by law enforcement.

Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner says he's determined to fight a "corrupt political machine in Chicago" and its "special deals" as he seeks a second term.

Local school superintendents are telling an Illinois House panel that the changes Gov. Bruce Rauner made to school-funding legislation will hurt their school districts. 

Springfield City Council members have unanimously approved a resolution affirming the state capital city's commitment to civil rights and opposition to racism.

Tanya Koonce / Peoria Public Radio

There’s a new street scape around Trewyn Middle School in Peoria. A $1.1 million road improvement project was completed just in time for the first day of school and might be a model for future effort. But it’s been a long time coming.

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Democratic candidate for Illinois governor Ameya Pawar has selected Cairo Mayor Tyrone Coleman as his 2018 running mate.

Republican state legislators from around Chicago are pitching a plan to repeal the new sweetened beverage tax in Cook County. 

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A rainwater irrigation system means new opportunities for a community learning center on Peoria’s South Side. 

Peoria County Jail Has A New Superintendent

Aug 15, 2017
Tanya Koonce / Peoria Public Radio

Peoria County Sheriff Brian Asbell received his official appointment with the Peoria County Board’s approval late last week. He’s filling out the remainder of the Sheriff's term vacated by Mike McCoy earlier this summer. And Asbell has been quick to make his first official appointments.

The former Jail Superintendent made his first appointment naming his replacement. He named Peoria County Sheriff’s Department veteran Ronda Guyton to post.

Some Republican lawmakers say the Illinois State House of Representatives may not have the votes to override Governor Bruce Rauner’s veto of a school funding bill tomorrow.

The State Senate overrode Rauner’s veto with one Republican joining Democrats.

But in the House - the original bill passed 11 votes short of a veto-proof majority. So Democrats would need Republican help.

Republican State Representative Steve Andersson broke from Rauner to pass a state budget - but says he won’t this time on school funding.

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President Donald Trump is not the only elected official being criticized for his initial response to the violence in Charlottesville, Va. over the weekend.

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About 300 people gathered near the fountains outside city hall in Springfield last night. They were there to hold a vigil for racial unity in the wake of violence in Charlottesville Virginia.

Illinois has made a long-delayed move toward replacing the private manager of the lottery, years after the first of two governors tried to fire the current manager for missing sales goals.
Camelot Illinois on Monday presented an overview of its plan to increase sales and put more money in state coffers for schools and other programs.
CEO Nigel Railton says the plan includes more prominent retail displays and increased marketing of online games, including a mobile app.

Governor Bruce Rauner has signed legislation that makes it illegal to expel toddlers from preschools.

Backers of the new law point to a study that says toddlers and other Illinois preschoolers are expelled at a rate three times greater than their older, school-age counterparts.

“I just want you to let that sink in.”

State Rep. Juliana Stratton is a Democrat from Chicago.

“When you see expulsion in early years, it leads to higher suspension and expulsion rates in later grades."

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“More Success, Less Stress,” was the theme of Monday's back-to-school kickoff event for Peoria Public School faculty.

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) - A photograph taken in central Illinois of a monarch butterfly perched on a yellow goldenrod flower is featured on a new U.S. Postal Service stamp.