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I study and practice journalism at Augustana College, where I tinker with new (and old) storytelling techniques and technologies.

Starting this week, the Quad Cities becomes the first area in Illinois to offer electric-powered buses through its public transit system.

The state of Illinois has begun issuing new loans specifically meant to help economically depressed communities generate new business.

The Knox College Democrats student group is encouraging residents of western Illinois to use an online portal to submit questions which will be considered for a gubernatorial candidates’ forum on Tuesday night at Knox College in Galesburg.

A popular rap musician is now free, after being released from a prison in the Quad Cities on Wednesday.

For craft beer fans, it's a problem all too common: you go out with your friends after a hard day's work, drive all the way to that one bar that has your favorite draft — only to find the kegs have run dry.

Dan Bush wants to make sure that never happens at Armored Gardens, the barbecue restaurant and bar he'll open in downtown Davenport this fall.