Natalie Winston

Natalie Winston is an editor. She got her start at NPR on the Washington Desk as an intern during the 2008 election. That experience hooked her on politics and radio. She was the booker for NPR's 2012 election coverage, booking interviews with newsmakers and campaign surrogates for all live election specials. She is now an editor at Weekend Edition, where she gets to focus on politics and much, much more. Natalie has worked on interviews with accomplished authors, up-and-coming musicians, Michelin-star chefs, four-star generals and world leaders. Throughout the 2016 presidential campaign season she has helped produce NPR's live primary coverage and nightly specials from the Republican and Democratic conventions.

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At an unmarked apartment building in Moscow, there's a notice taped to a large metal door with a list of tenants who haven't paid their rent. Up five flights of stairs, on the top floor, two young men sit side by side on an old couch in a one-bedroom apartment.

They're calling themselves Gregory and Arnie. They don't want to use their real names because they fear for their lives. Both men recently left Chechnya, where they were detained and beaten because they're gay.