2014 Steamboat Classic focuses on training groups

Mar 12, 2014

The annual Steamboat Classic race is in its 41st year. But the tradition is also celebrating its 21st year for training programs that help people get ready before hitting the course. Race director Philip Lockwood says the training programs Building Steam and Access Steam are locally often identified as the first signs of spring:

“Changing the clock, the crack of the bat against the ball, the sight and sound of the first robin, but also when people on the near North Side, Morton, Washington and Chillicothe, see people running through neighborhoods in groups, they realize spring is here. And after this winter that wouldn't stop, it’s even more important.”

Lockwood says they're extending the training programs one week after the race to recognize the runners for their efforts. He says he expects about 6,000 people to participate in this year's race June 14th. Sign-up is open now and people can register individually or in teams at SteamBoatClassic.org