5th Republican running for gov. kicked off ballot

Jan 10, 2014

You may have heard by now about the four Republicans running for governor, but there was a fifth too. As IPR'S Amanda Vinicky reports, he has been kicked off the ballot.

By this point in the campaign, reporters on the political beat have received loads of press releases from most of the statewide candidates. But not Peter Edward Jones, who had tried running for the GOP nomination for governor.

I don't know anything about his platform. I tried calling the number last listed for his Franklin Park address, but ...

"The number you have dialed ... has been disconnected."

He has no website, no Facebook page. And no political action committee or campaign fund. The State Republican Party wasn't much of a help either; a spokesman says he hadn't heard of Jones until his name showed up as having turned in petitions. Which is really what this story is about. To run for governor, someone has to turn in thousands of signatures from registered voters. Jones submitted 35.

That's why the state elections board voted to take him off the primary ballot  The board denied an objection to Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn's petitions, but an objection to his primary opponent's, former Ceasefire director Tio Hardiman, is still pending.