9 Exonerated Men Receive Certificates of Innocence

Feb 14, 2018

CHICAGO - A judge has granted nine certificates of innocence and vacated the convictions of two defendants whose cases were connected to a corrupt Chicago police officer.

This picture of Judge Martin is from the Illinois State Bar Association website and accompanied the association's story when Judge LeRoy K. Martin Jr was appointed presiding judge of Cook County Criminal Division.
Credit Illinois State Bar Association

Cook County Circuit Judge LeRoy Martin on Tuesday issued the innocence certificates to men who claimed they were locked up for no other reason except they refused to pay a tactical team led by former Sgt. Ronald Watts.

Acting at the request of prosecutors, Martin threw out drug convictions tied to Angelo Shenault Sr. and his son, Angelo Jr. Martin's action brings to 22 the number of people who have seen their drug convictions thrown out because of Watt's involvement in their arrests.

Watts and his partner Kallatt Mohammed were both convicted 2013 of extortion charges and have served prison time.