Actor asks for lawmakers to expand film production tax credit

May 17, 2013

Actor Billy Zane was in the Illinois Capitol Thursday, asking lawmakers to expand the state's film production tax credit. Zane, a Chicago native, has had more than a hundred movie and T.V. roles including a lead part in 1997's "Titanic."

"I would love to return. I know there are many other members of my profession from Chicago -- we gather together, we're loyal -- and understandably the one recurring theme for Illinois natives is the love to work back home."

The proposal would expand on the existing film tax credit. Producers would be able to claim it for paying on-screen talent, and corporate and industrial films would be able to get the tax break too. The legislation's sponsor, Democratic Senator Patricia Van Pelt Watkins from Chicago, says Illinois has given out 163-million dollars in film tax credits since 2004.