Advances in storm tracking likely saved countless lives

Nov 20, 2013

The storms that tore through central Illinois on Sunday killed six people in the state, and left hundreds homeless.  Given the number of powerful tornadoes that hit populated areas, meteorologist Chris Miller with the National Weather Service in Lincoln says things could have been much worse.  He tells Illinois Public Radio’s Sean Powers, advances in storm tracking and warning systems likely saved countless lives. 

That was National Weather Service Meteorologist Chris Miller speaking with Illinois Public Radio’s Sean Powers. Miller says they had their own close call on Sunday with the storms. He points to the National Weather Service’s storm shelter.

Miller says storms in Washington and New Minden where there were causalities were listed as E-F-4’s, the second highest tornado rating. The tornado in Gifford was listed as an E-F-3. Federal assessments of tornado-damaged property begin Thursday. Governor Pat Quinn says that’s necessary for the state to request federal assistance.