After 35 years, Peoria animal protection manager resigning

Jun 1, 2015

Credit Facebook - Peoria County Animal Protection Services

The longtime director of Peoria County Animal Protection Services is retiring this summer.  Lauren Malmberg is leaving after 35 years with the group.  She says the service has good relationships with the Vet Association and Peoria Humane Society that benefit Peoria County animals:

“They are heads above so many other communities as far as how much support they give animal control and animals in their community.”

Malmberg officially retires August 31st.  She oversaw the animal service transition from the City of Peoria to the County a few years ago.

Under Malmberg’s management, Peoria County Animal Protection Services also reduced euthanasia services by 23-percent last year compared to 2013, while transferring twice as many cats and dogs to other groups for adoption in the same time period.

 She says educating the public to report dangerous dogs and increasing adoption are the top future issues for the Animal Protection Service.