Allen-Alta Intersection gets disaster relief

Jun 11, 2013

Credit Tom Hunt / WCBU
Some people are reportedly frustrated that work hasn’t started on the Alta-Allen Road Intersection repair. The culverts under the road essentially collapsed, and the road gave way during the April Flood. 

 A meeting at Northminster Presbyterian Church aimed to help people understand the timeline and why the remainder of the road hasn’t been demolished. Scott Reeise is the Peoria City Engineer he says it’s a safety issue. 

 “At least there is a road there. If it was a hole and  somebody got through the barricades at night, it’s a dark rural section right now, not a lot of street lighting. Some body could fall [or] drive through the hole, and then you could have a serious injury,” he says. “So that is what we are trying to prevent.” 

 Reeise says the contract is expected to be awarded by the end of the month with construction starting in early July. He says the Federal Highway Administration has declared the $1.2 million repair project eligible for disaster relief. That means certain parts of the project can move faster, and 80 percent of the costs will be covered by federal disaster relief funds. 

 The intersection is expected to be restored to pre-flood condition with new 40-year box culverts by September 15th. That is until the anticipated upgrade to a standard lighted intersection or a roundabout.