American Mausoleum gets a facelift

May 24, 2013

The Peoria County State’s Attorney says the county remains committed to keeping the American Mausoleum operating properly. The state’s attorney’s office was granted authority to take over the site in the summer of 2008 after the Mausoleum’s previous owner filed for bankruptcy. 

The property was left with a leaking roof, cracked tiles, broken water lines, and no heating or air conditioning. The roof has been repaired. The building has been repainted, heating and air conditioning have been partially replaced, and the grounds have been improved over the last year with the help of volunteers and donated materials. State’s Attorney Jerry Brady says the county will be selective in selling the site.  

"We are committed that we will not re-occur what happened in the past. In other words, if there is a buyer, that buyer will be someone that we’re comfortable with, that will provide the necessary care and ongoing operation, so that we don’t duplicate what happened in the past."

Brady says no new interments have been sold since the Mausoleum was taken over. He’s inviting the public to visit the site Saturday morning. A Memorial Day service takes place at 10:30 with the help of the American Legion from Bartonville. It includes a 21-gun salute and a presentation from a Vietnam veteran.