AMT to provide permanent service in Chillicothe

Feb 18, 2013

Advanced Medical Transport is permanently providing ambulance services to the Chillicothe Area.  AMT has handled the community’s calls since Chillicothe Ambulance Rescue 33 was suspended last August by the local regulatory authority. That happened after Rescue 33 failed to meet response time terms as part of a probationary period.   AMT executive director Andrew Rand says the agency currently spends $1,300 a day to maintain the temporary service in the Chillicothe area.  He says AMT still won’t break even providing permanent service to the area.  But Rand says it’s not necessary to make a profit: 

"First of all, we're an Illinois non-for-profit. Secondly, we have a mission of charitable purpose, third it's a community with a demonstrated need and the organization whom we're replacing has no ability in my view to get back in service," -AMT executive director Andrew Rand

The future for Rescue 33 is still unclear.  Last fall the Peoria Area Emergency Medical Services Review Board upheld Rescue 33’s suspension.  Rand says AMT is hiring six full- time employees to cover Chillicothe.