Analysis finds spending plan would fail to balance state's budget

Aug 17, 2015

Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner and democratic lawmakers have each offered up budget plans for the state.  But an analysis found that both would leave the state in deficit. 

According to a recent report from bipartisan think tank, The Center for Tax and Budget Accountability, the spending plan approved by Democrats would have left the state with a ten billion dollar deficit. Gov. Ranuer vetoed all of that plan except for K-12 education funding

Ralph Martire, executive director of the center, says the analysis also found that Rauner’s budget proposal would push Illinois $9.5 billion into the red.

“We only spent roughly twenty-four billion on services, or at least that’s what we spent in 2015, I can’t tell you what we’re going to spend in 2015 because I have no idea," Martire said. "You’re talking about a budget deficit that’s forty some odd percent of your overall spending on services.”

Martire says that neither option is sustainable.