Animal rights group protests at Peoria Walmart

Mar 6, 2013

Mercy for Animals brought its national tour to the Walmart on University in Peoria.  The group is traveling the country protesting the living conditions of pregnant pigs at pork suppliers for Walmart.  Members of Mercy for Animals displayed a 10-foot inflatable pig in a narrow crate as part of its protest.  Phil Letten is with Mercy For Animals.  He says the display aims to highlight how pregnant sows live at some suppliers:

“At numerous Walmart pork suppliers we documented pregnant pigs confined to filthy metal crates that are so small the animals can’t turn around...and these crates are so cruel that they’ve actually been banned in nine U-S states and the entire European union, yet Walmart continues to sell pork from factory farms that use them,” Letten says. Letten says the group is calling on Walmart to end it sale of crated pork like other grocery chains.  A Walmart spokesperson says the company holds its suppliers to high standards and does not tolerate animal mistreatment.  Letten says the group will travel to Springfield next as part of its national tour.