Another water main break disrupts Peoria traffic

Feb 12, 2014

The 30-inch transmission water main in Peoria that broke Monday leaving thousands without water service appears to have triggered another break in the area.

Illinois American Water says the second break occurred at the 23-hundred block of Northeast Adams street, near Komatsu Tuesday night. But it was much smaller than Monday’s break which buckled Jefferson Avenue at Abington Street. About 30 customers were impacted by the break and notified of a boil order after it was fixed.

The new break is causing some traffic changes. Southbound IL 29 is restricted to one lane at the site of the water main break. Northbound IL 29 is closed to all traffic in this location. Motorists looking to go northbound on IL 29 from westbound I-74 are being detoured. They will take I-74 to Spalding Avenue, Knoxville Avenue, and then to US 150/War Memorial Drive.