Apartment blaze displaces Peoria residents

Mar 26, 2014

The City of Peoria plans to demolish an apartment complex following two fires earlier this week.  Crews responded to two reports of fire in the attic at 109 Northeast Roanoke on Monday and Tuesday.  Brad Pierson is an arson investigator for the Peoria Fire Department. He says the building was deemed an unsafe structure following the two fires:

 “The top 10 to 15 feet of that wall is not being supported at any time from any part of the structure, and if someone would be walking by - we’re expecting some storms coming in in the next few days - we did not want to cause any further harm to the public, or for that matter, have our first responders go back up there for another alarm and get injured from that,” Pierson says.

 Pierson says both attic fires were likely caused by an electrical shortage, and there’s NO signs of arson.  That means about 15 people in the eight apartment units have lost their homes.  Erin Miller from the Red Cross says the group has given the affected families food, clothing and temporary shelter. She says the Red Cross will help them find long term housing if the landlord cannot first find other available units.