Appellate court ruling blocks Il from moving people out of Murray Developmental Center

Apr 18, 2014

Residents fighting to stay in Centralia's Murray Developmental Center can remain where they are ... for now. An appellate court decision blocks the state from moving people out without the permission of a court-appointed guardian.

The ruling gives Murray Center families reason to hope for a favorable outcome in another case, one trying to block Governor Pat Quinn's efforts to close the institution. Quinn says the developmentally disabled residents would be better off in the community, in group homes. 

But Rita Winkeler, president of the Murray Parents Association, says many residents need the high-level care and security not often found in group homes.

"The safety issue is our biggest, biggest concern because many of us have had residents live in the community in recent years who have been drugged, tasered and ended up in jail. It's just not right. We are not going to allow people to die for somebody's experiment they're doing," says Winkeler.

The final decision isn't expected until at least May.