Area counselors learn about careers in aviation

Dec 13, 2013

Some area counselors are hoping to better educate their students on the various careers available to them. The Peoria and Tazewell Counties Education for Employment offices are collaborating to expand the knowledge of counselors and student service personnel about job opportunities outside the norm.

The groups toured the Peoria International Airport and talked with airport officials about careers in aviation. Francine Ghitalla is the Director of the Tazewell County Education for Employment office.

"We've done some medical facilities for the same purpose and that's just gone very well with the counselors, broadening their knowledge of what's actually available so they can be of better help to their students. I always think about for those of us in education, we went to school, we went to more school, we graduated and came back into more school. So to broaden our physical experiences in other industry is what these groups are."

Ghitalla says the groups have been taking tours of various places of employment for the last five years. She says continuing to educate counselors on various careers can also help create new high school and college courses that focus on out of the norm subjects.