Water Street
8:45 pm
Wed February 13, 2013

Peoria's Hidden Treasures: The Art of Water Street

Credit Flickr

Peoria's Hidden Treasures for 10/29/12

This week on Peoria's Hidden Treasures, we’re looking at works of art on Water Street in downtown Peoria.On the wall above the Water Street Café is a mural depicting New Orleans’ Mardi Gras parade. Revelers include a court jester, a centaur and a bull and a mermaid. A few blocks away is a sculpture called “Peoria Portal.” Consisting of a column of raw granite, a column of bronze, and a modern arch, the piece encapsulates a history of architectural ideas. Across from Contemporary Art Center stands a sculpture, “Flight of the Cakewalkers,” by Peoria’s Preston Jackson. Learn more in this week's installment of Peoria's Hidden Treasures.