Attorney General Candidate Wants Community Groups To Enforce Police Lawsuit Mandates

Jan 3, 2018
Originally published on January 3, 2018 1:03 pm

A Democratic candidate for state Attorney General said community groups should help enforce court mandates that could result from a lawsuit against the Chicago Police Department. Outgoing Attorney General Lisa Madigan is already suing Chicago over its police practices. Her successor could help negotiate a consent decree from that lawsuit.

Candidate Aaron Goldstein is a defense attorney. He doesn’t trust the police department to follow a consent decree on its own.

"The community organizations and the community that sees what’s going on every single day with the police - they need to come into court and be able to enforce any of that, monitor any of that consent decree if it were to be granted," he said.

Attorney General Madigan’s office said it received input from community groups even though they’re not a part of the lawsuit. Goldstein is one of eight Democrats running for Attorney General in the March primary.

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