Attorney General staying mum on whether she'll run for governor

Apr 16, 2013

Attorney General Lisa Madigan is maintaining her silence about whether she'll run for governor of Illinois next year. Governor Pat Quinn plans to run for re-election, though last week a New York Times story reported he's the second-least popular governor in the country. Madigan refused to comment on Quinn in an exchange with reporters.

MADIGAN: "I think that I'm going to continue focusing on my job performance, and making sure that I am the best attorney general in the country.

REPORTER: "But in terms of the job he's done, it's an important job, obviously."

MADIGAN: "It is an important job. I'm not here to comment on that."

REPORTER: "Why do you think consistently the polls show him where he is. Do voters have a problem with him?"

MADIGAN: "You should ask the voters that."

Madigan had three-point-six million dollars in her campaign fund at the beginning of the year and has continued raising money since then. Quinn has also been fundraising, but his account started the year with just one-million dollars.