Attorney General waits on General Assembly to act on concealed carry

Attorney General Lisa Madigan is waiting to see what the General Assembly does before deciding if she'll ask the US Supreme Court to weigh in on Illinois' concealed-carry ban. A federal court has given the state until June to pass a law that will allow people to carry guns in public.

Governor Pat Quinn says Madigan should appeal that decision to the nation's high court, calling it Illinois' "only hope." Madigan says she's considering it, but says she's mostly concerned with what the General Assembly does. "We're watching what's going on, obviously in the legislature.  Because if they pass something, appealing the decision would be moot," says Madigan. Legislators have debated dozens of gun proposals, but they haven't reached any consensus. Chicago legislators generally favor strict gun control, while lawmakers from downstate consider gun ownership a fundamental right. The Illinois House Wednesday rejected a plan that would require individuals to get a psychological exam before being able to legally own a gun, and another that would ban certain high capacity magazines.