Attorney: IL needs new eavesdropping law

Mar 20, 2014

An attorney who successfully had Illinois’ eavesdropping law thrown out says the state now needs a new eavesdropping law.

The law made it illegal for Illinois citizens to record anyone without their permission. So, for example, it meant that citizens could be charged with a crime for recording police officers making an arrest on a public street or something like that.

Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez fought to keep the law but yesterday the Illinois Supreme Court found the it too broad and unconstitutional.

PLOTKIN: Citizens have a right to record what their government actors are doing in public.

Gabe Plotkin is one of the attorneys who pushed to have the broad law thrown out but...

PLOTKIN: Protecting private conversations from surreptitious recording is an important government interest and I would hope the legislature would undertake to craft a law that protects private conversations.

Plotkin says the new law would have to find a way to prohibit recording private conversations, but not all conversations.