Bar Association speaker stresses education, volunteering at luncheon

Oct 23, 2013

Representing vulnerable populations should remain a top priority for Peoria-area attorneys and community groups.  That’s the message from Cook County Public Defender Monica Torres-Linares.  She gave the keynote address at the Peoria County Bar Association’s Annual Diversity Luncheon.  Torres-Linares says there’s a misconception some might have about attorneys helping people struggling to find legal help:

 “Just because an attorney chooses to be helping vulnerable populations doesn't mean they’re not competent.  They could have gone to a big firm or private practice and been very lucrative, but they chose to take that other path,” Torres-Linares says.

 Torres-Linares says both attorneys and community groups can volunteer to give back to their communities.  She is a founder of  The group offers free, legal-themed college-prep information to underserved populations in Chicago.