BEST Talks aim to help Peoria-area businesses

Oct 8, 2013

Area small and medium-sized businesses can hear free monthly presentations on ways to grow their outreach. Bradley University's Turner Center for Entrepreneurship is partnering with a marketing company to offer the BEST Talk series.

Christine Shay is with the marketing group InspireCX.  She says the goal of the talks is help area businesses stay up to date with the latest technological and branding trends:

“You get so deeply into the day to day that years can pass before you come up for air, before you look around.  And with the advent of social media your competition isn't just your competition, it’s anybody creating a really good experience,” Shay says.  

Shay says the presentations are modeled after the popular TED talks, but with a business focus. Those include creating a positive customer experience over just paying for advertising, and having an online presence.  

The talks are held the second Tuesday of each month at the Peoria Next Innovation Center. Speakers can also host a webinar or video chat the week following each talk for more information. Businesses can register for the free events at