Bill Daley attacks rivals on pension reform

Jun 17, 2013

Bill Daley is attacking his Democratic rivals ahead of next year’s race for Illinois governor. His main beef with them - how they’ve handled proposed reforms to the state’s retirement systems. IPR’S Tony Arnold reports.

Daley says incumbent Governor Pat Quinn hasn’t been a good leader on what many call the top issue facing Illinois, cutting the state’s 100 billion dollar pension debt.

The former White House chief of staff and Commerce Secretary says Quinn should take a page out of the political playbook of Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, and threaten to veto one of two rival pension reform bills.

“And it works if they’ll stand behind and if the legislators believe the governor will stand behind that.”

Daley also says Attorney General Lisa Madigan should issue a legal opinion on the proposals, and he rejects the idea that the long-standing disagreement over pensions is a plot to help her become governor.

“I don’t think sending the state into a deeper crisis helps anybody.”

Quinn called lawmakers back to Springfield on Wednesday for a special, one-day session on pensions, but there’s still no clear agreement.