Biss Announces Run for Illinois Governor

Mar 20, 2017

State Senator Daniel Biss
Credit Facebook/DanielBiss

A state senator from the Chicago suburb of Evanston is joining the race for Illinois governor.

Daniel Biss is the fourth Democrat to say he wants to take on incumbent Governor Bruce Rauner. He’s got a Ph.D. in math, and declared his candidacy on day 628 of Illinois' budget stalemate.

“People across our state are hurting because of the nightmare of the last two years caused by Bruce Rauner. Bruce Rauner’s policies have failed, and the state’s worse off as a result.”

Making his announcement on Facebook, Biss says he’d work to change Illinois' flat income tax into a progressive one, where people with higher incomes pay higher tax rates.

Rauner was asked about Biss and says, “Anybody who’s been part of the system … is going to be part of the problem."