Bradley University to unveil new mascot Saturday

Feb 19, 2014

Bradley University debuts its new gargoyle mascot this weekend. The University picked the gargoyle after a two-year process of focus groups on the issue. Bradley Athletics Director Michael Cross says the University will keep the  ‘Braves’ nickname for sporting events:

 “But we’ve not been able to use any imagery associated with that name. Because of that we’ve had a major hole in what it is we can do in terms of representing the institution and athletics, and this will give us an opportunity to provide another piece in the arsenal and another piece in the array of things that people can do to market their institutions and athletic programs that we haven’t had for decades now,” Cross says. 

  Bradley has been without a mascot for athletics and school functions since 1996. The gargoyle debuts at Saturday’s men’s basketball game at Carver Arena. Cross says a students or  recent alumni may also perform as the mascot during future events. More than 3,200 students, faculty and alumni took the mascot survey.