Bruce Rauner has plans for Illinois business policy

Jun 25, 2014


The latest plan from Republican nominee for governor Bruce Rauner says he wants to "end unfair deals and tax breaks for big corporations."

Rauner's rapid ascension in Illinois politics - he's never before run for public office - has been aided by some big names in business. 

And Rauner has said his priority is creating an environment that's business-friendly.  His latest plan -- released via Facebook and Twitter -- asserts Springfield needs to change how it does "business with business."

But it seems to take a different tone on how; calling out big corporations that can "afford high-priced lobbyists" to get tax breaks. 

It names several he'd do away with: for buying racehorses, on newsprint, another that benefits oil companies.  Rauner's blueprint is called "corporate welfare reform."

"We don't like the word corporate welfare."               

Mark Denzler is with the Illinois Manufacturer's Association. 

"This is tax policy of the state of Illinois ... companies are simply following tax law."

Denzler says Illinois need a comprehensive revamp of its tax policy. 

Governor Pat Quinn's campaign says Rauner's a wealthy businessman who's benefitted from the tax system, and thus lacks credibility.