BU professor encouraging students to donate to ALS research

Aug 27, 2014

Dr. Steven Tippett
Credit bradley.edu
A Bradley University professor is involving his students in the popular ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Dr. Steven Tippett is Chair of the Department of Physical Therapy and Health Science. He’s taking the plunge Wednesday at noon outside Olin Hall of Science.

He’s encouraging his third year students to donate to ALS research. Those that do, can add a gallon of water to the ice bucket to be dumped on his head. Tippett says many of the students study neurodegenerative diseases including ALS and see the effects and treatment in their clinical courses.   

“We really look at quality of life and the ways to foster independence with activities of daily living and things that they can do while they can, and maximize their performance. To keep the patient as functional as possible during the disease as it runs its course.”  

Dr. Tippett says doing the Ice bucket challenge is also a way to encourage first year students to take an interest in studying the disease and the necessity of the philanthropic efforts to raise money for research.