Budget Deal Hits Roadblocks in State Senate

Feb 8, 2017

Credit WTTW.com

Leaders in the Illinois Senate say the bipartisan budget deal is still on track. That’s despite a series of test votes that drew protests from Republicans.

Members of the G-O-P say they want to settle every aspect of the compromise before voting.
But Senate President John Cullerton, a Democrat, says every day the state goes without a budget, it’s piling up another 11 million dollars in debt.

“I think that the pressure should be on the Republicans from the business community to finally realize that they have to do something quickly."

Except business groups and other conservative interests have fought the compromise. They say it has too little for business … and asks too much of taxpayers.

The latest version of the plan would raise the income tax by more than a percentage point … and expand the sales tax to cover more transactions.

Although Senate Minority Leader Christine Radogno urged fellow Republicans to boycott today's votes, she says she expects her negotiations with Cullerton to continue.