Budget Woes Force NEIU to Close Next Week

Mar 17, 2017

Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago is shutting down next week to save money due to the ongoing state budget impasse.

It's Spring Break for Northeastern - but the faculty and staff aren’t getting paid for it. Many students who tutor won’t work this week, either.

And even parts of the university that aren’t just for students are closed - like the rec center, library and a child care center used by parents who live nearby.

Northeastern administrator Jeff Wade was part of a rally on campus last week. He thinks the budget impasse causing these cuts could end - if more people were outraged by it.

WADE: "It wasn’t a question of whether or not we need a torch-wielding mob, it was a question of the size of the torch-wielding mob."

Northeastern is still asking employees to take another 3 unpaid days off later this year.

Public universities in Illinois haven’t received any state money since January.