Bustos discusses vote in favor of farm bill

May 16, 2013

 17th District Congresswoman Cheri Bustos was among the lawmakers voting in favor of a five-year farm bill. The measure came out of the House Agriculture Committee, and is now ready for floor consideration.

The East Moline Democrat says the most important feature of the bill is keeping a crop insurance program in place especially in light of the extreme weather of recent years.

The most controversial portion of the measure includes significant cuts to the food stamp program. Bustos opposes the cuts, but says she voted for the bill anyway.

"In the end, this bill is too important to our family farmers and is too important for the overall economic well-being of our region. The best way to fight poverty is to improve our economy, and to get things moving again. And when ag is our number one industry, that’s part of that equation.”

The bill also includes her amendment requiring the USDA to update its study of rural transportation, with a focus on possible improvements to river transportation of farm products.