Call to audit ACA Navigators

Feb 5, 2014

Five Illinois Republicans are calling for an audit of the state’s Affordable Care Act “navigators.”

The counselors help people get health coverage under the federal law known as “Obamacare.”

Representative Mike Bost, from Murphysboro, says he wants to see where the money used to pay for the program is going. “We see money that is flown in -- brought into this state.  We’ve seen rough -- roughly where it was suppose to go. But we are just asking as standing legislators for accountability. Right now, the way things have been handled the last several years in Illinois, we don’t think it’s a real shocking thing to ask for that.”

The Republicans say their call for a review was prompted by reports of problems with navigators in California. They say 43 convicted criminals were hired there.

A spokeswoman for Get Covered Illinois says all 15-hundred navigators here went through criminal background checks and training.