Candidates for governor making final campaign push

Mar 12, 2014

There's less than a week before Illinois' primary, and candidates are busy stumping, pollsters are taking final surveys, and contributors are continuing to write checks. 

Forces are still working to lower Republican Bruce Rauner from his perch atop the polls in the race for governor. The latest poll, just out from We Ask America, puts him at 46 percent of the vote, with Senator Kirk Dillard at 25 percent followed by Senator Bill Brady, and finally Treasurer Dan Rutherford.

Rauner's used his vast fortune to run TV ads, and shows no signs of stopping. As election day nears, there's a flurry of activity in the attempts to combat him. 

A coalition of unions says it's done airing ads highlighting Rauner's links to a company found responsible for nursing home deaths. But another anti-Rauner group, headed by Republican Steve Shearer, will keep funding commercials, that promote Dillard.

"The trade unions that I've largely been relying on for support are not backing down at all, they're energized."

That sort of union support has Brady questioning if Dillard cut some sort of deal, a charge Dillard denies.

Another poll, by Strive Strategies, shows Gov. Pat Quinn with a healthy lead in the Democratic primary. But he's still not beloved by members of his party.  His little-known opponent, Tio Hardiman, polled at 36 percent of the Democratic vote.