Carp stakeholders push for Peoria processing plant

Sep 25, 2013

The Peoria area needs a facility to process carp from the Illinois River.  That's the message from government and fishing industry officials during a meeting to talk about the invasive fish.  The nearest processing facility is in Thomson, Illinois.  Area fisherman Orion Briney says having a local facility would boost his bottom line:

 “I can take them to the market, unload, go back out catch another load.  Two loads a day versus one.  I wouldn't have to have a six hour drive every day,” Briney says.

    Officials say a local facility would also reduce the invasive carp species along 140 miles of the Illinois River.  $10 million lbs. of carp are estimated between the LaGrange and Starved Rock dam systems.  The carp summit was hosted by the region’s new economic development effort, Focus Forward.   FFC- officials plan to host another meeting to follow-up on the issue.