Caterpillar aims for second viral video

May 6, 2014

Credit Caterpillar

The second in a series of Caterpillar promotional videos is being released Tuesday morning.

The first YouTube video features a giant Jenga game played with Caterpillar equipment at the Edwards facility. It went viral.

Archie Lyons is the creative director for Caterpillar global brand marketing. He says the new video features the ultra-tough Caterpillar phone designed for use at rugged work sites. “We’re just anxious to see how it will play-out. We think people will be able to connect to it since so many people connected to the Jenga game. Currently 1.9 million people have seen the video. That’s a game people know and love and we think even more people know and love their phones.”

The Built For It Trials video called Gravity took 600 live B15 Cat phones, and about two months to plan and shoot. The phone is dropped 35 feet into water and the collective of phones are driven over with a cat machine. 

Lyon’s says the phones were then returned in working condition.

See the Gravity video: 

See how the Gravity video was made:

The phones are available for sale:

See the Jenga video: