Celebrating Bradley University's Founder

Oct 18, 2013

Bradley University is celebrating its founder today. The annual Founder’s Day event comes during the University's Homecoming week. 

Bradley President Joanne Glasser says Lydia Moss Bradley was not only a visionary trailblazer, but also put forward her beliefs in civil rights with the school’s first female graduate in 18-98. 

Bradley also invited Booker T. Washington to the University to speak in 1900. Glasser says Washington’s visit to Bradley came at a time when the standard was separate but not equal. 

Glasser: “It’s been said his visit to Peoria awakened an interest in the plight of African-Americans as it related to higher education. Mrs. Bradley was undoubtedly was proud that her university was the impetus for such community dialog.”

The University is celebrating the anniversary of the Civil Rights Movement this year with a series of events and speakers. 

The founder’s day events also included the induction of six new distinguished alumni into the University’s Centurion Society.