Center for Prevention of Abuse kicks off sale of yellow ducks

Jul 31, 2013

Center for Prevention of Abuse Executive Director Martha Herm kicks off sale of ducks for annual Duck Race
Credit Denise Molina / Peoria Public Radio
The Center for Prevention of Abuse is hoping to sell five-thousand more ducks this year compared to last year for its 25th annual Duck Race. The organization sold 25-thousand ducks in 2012 to support its various abuse prevention programs including those that take place in tri-county area schools. The money also helps provide services for victims of abuse.

Martha Herm is the Executive Director of the center. She says money raised from the Duck Race helps fill in the gaps made by cuts in state and federal funding.

“The last several years, we’ve had at least five-thousand victims of violence come to us seeking some kind of support or safety, and we just do not want to turn anybody away. We don’t want to send anybody  back into danger, so it’s so important that we’re there for them as well as doing the prevention work in the schools.”

Herm says the need for money will be even greater as the center takes on a new population. A new law is now requiring the center to take on abuse, neglect, and exploitation cases for adults between the ages of 18 and 59, who are disabled, and living independently. Herm says the center is expected to receive some state funding for the effort, but it’s unclear how much. She says the agency has hired one new staff person to take on cases, but more will likely be needed.

The Duck Race is Saturday, August 24th. Ducks can be purchased at various businesses like Schuck’s, HyVee, and Associated Bank. They can also be bought online at The grand prize for the event is $5000.