‘Change 150’ announces issues, other group support

Mar 14, 2014

A group aiming to change the culture and leadership of Peoria School District 150 is now detailing core issues it has with the district.  

The ‘Change 150’ group announced five core issues it wants to implement throughout the school district. They include calling for a 3rd party investigation into the district to determine if there’s a pattern of fear and intimidation. 

Change 150 also wants decision-making more based on each individual school building rather than from central administration.  The group is also pushing to reduce the terms for board members by one year.The Peoria NAACP, former administrators, and the Peoria Federation of Teachers union leadership all came out in support of the group’s goals.

Change 150 made the announcement ahead of next week’s primary election, where it’s encouraging voters to support Sue Wolstenholm on the ballot for the 3rd District Board seat. Her name is up against incumbent Laura Petelle.  Wolstenholm says she is out of the race even though her name is on the ballot. That means the board would have to appoint someone else to fill the seat for a year if Wolstenholm has the most votes next week.

Petelle says in a previous statement that a ‘protest vote’ against her will not change the district, but only allow the school board to replace a responsive elected official with someone who owes the board their position.