‘Change 150’ backs Adler for Peoria School Board seat

Jun 5, 2014

A grassroots political group aiming to change the leadership on the Peoria Public School Board officially announced its choice to fill an open seat. Change 150 says it’s backing Dan Adler for the third District School Board post. Adler says he has two priorities that include more emphasis on public comment in board meetings and creating open channels for staff to voice concerns:

 “The perception of the district, and the circumstances with which our children enter the classroom have declined for decades. Rightly or wrongly, the conversation about District 150 at the dinner table and on social media has centered on its failures,” Adler says.

 Adler works for Caterpillar and ran as a Peoria city council candidate last year. Sue Wolstenholm was elected to the seat this spring, but she plans to resign soon. That means the District 150 School Board will have 45 days to choose someone else to fill the seat. Adler says he plans to run again next spring for the seat whether or not he is seated this summer.