Changes ahead for Susan G. Komen Memorial Promise Run & Relay

Sep 3, 2014

The Susan G. Komen Memorial Promise Run & Relay is slated for October 18th. The second year of the event brings changes to the Half Marathon route, a two person relay and a new One Mile River Walk.

Philip Lockwood is the Race Director. He says the changes to the route make the race easier to staff, and also allows participants to experience different parts of the city. He says the new River Walk allows greater participation:

“The reason for creating the one mile walk is we know that for some, the challenge from sitting on the couch to doing a half marathon is not possible in a years time.  But hopefully, what we can do is introduce them not only to our organization and our events, but eventually get them involved in participating in a greater way providing some challenge along the way.” 

The events kick-off near the Gateway building in downtown at 7:30 Saturday morning October 18th. The River Walk is $25. You can register for the race by visiting the Susan G. Komen Memorial website