Changes coming in healthcare

Feb 28, 2013

Iowa Health System and its affiliate Methodist Medical Center hosted an informational session yesterday on Coordinated Care.  More than a hundred business people attended the event to learn more about changes coming to the healthcare system. 

Bill Leaver is the President and C-E-O of Iowa Health System.  He says Changes in health care  aim to make the current fee for service system focus more on quality outcomes. He says that has the potential to improve work conditions for primary care doctors and their patients, with the most notable improvements in care for the chronically ill. Leaver says they are creating the change:“People in Washington say, well jeeze, maybe they have a solution, maybe they have the answer in Peoria Illinois, maybe we should adopt that more broadly. So I really do believe that change will happen here.”But Leaver says it could be three to five years before the changes are felt. The seminar also addressed ways the importance healthcare benefits play in hiring and retaining quality employees and making it more affordable.