Charter Oak principal responds to cheating allegations

Jan 16, 2014

Charter Oak Primary’s principal is responding to District 150’s report on suggested cheating at the school.

The District’s report says special education teachers gave inappropriate help to students during state math and reading exams, and principal, John Wetterauer, failed to report a spike in numbers.

The report also says Wetterauer failed to train teachers on how to give the testing. A response letter from Wetterauer’s attorney states he advised District 150’s investigative team that teachers were given 30 minutes of instruction prior to state testing.

District 150’s report also points to a major drop in test scores after Charter Oak students moved to Mark Bills School. Wetterauer’s attorney questions why the district is investigating Charter Oak’s higher scoring students instead of determining why Mark Bills’ students aren’t achieving well.

Wetterauer’s attorney also responded to the District’s report that the principal failed to investigate the increase in state test scores. The statement says the district has no protocol for such an investigation by a principal. The attorney says Superintendent Grenita Lathan also had access to Charter Oak’s test scores at the same time as Principal Wetterauer.

The attorney’s letter also says it’s difficult to respond about the credibility of those quoted in the report being that a third of the report is redacted. Wetterauer’s attorney lastly urges the District 150 board to reinstate the principal at Charter Oak.