Chicago Bears Volunteer in Wasington IL

Jun 6, 2014

  About twenty members of the Chicago Bears rookie class and the Chairman of the team are working in Washington today. The team members and nearly a hundred other staff and Bears business partners were part of a special flag raising in the City Square. Washington Mayor Gary Manier says the flag they raised flew in Soldiers Field November 17th: 

Chicago Bears Flag under American Flag in Washington, IL
Credit Tanya Koonce

“And I thought what a better day to fly it, was the day that the Bears were here. So George McCaskey actually hoisted it to the top today. That’s why we added the Bears’ flag to the bottom of the American flag today to welcome them. As you see the turnout it give us something good to pause in the recovery and remember all the good that has happened all the volunteers that have shown up here.”    

Chicago Bears in Washington, IL
Credit Tanya Koonce

Mayor Manier says the Bears and the those traveling with the team are using rakes and shovels to help remove debris from yards. Manier says they unknowingly pushed a lot of sharp objects like nails, screws, metal and broken porcelain into the ground as they were initially removing debris in the fall as the ground was freezing. He says, more than 50 inches of snow later, many of those sharp objects have surfaced and the raking and shoveling is necessary.