The Chicago Marathon moves forward

Apr 16, 2013

  Mayor Rahm Emanuel says the Chicago Marathon will go forward as planned, despite the bombings in Boston. Alex Keefe reports.

Security at City Hall didn’t seem much tougher than usual today, save for a pair of Chicago Police officers on horseback, hanging around LaSalle Street.

Emanuel suggested city officials are calm - but ready. EMANUEL: There is no, as I said, credible threat. That doesn’t mean we don’t stay vigilant.Emanuel said he met with top security officials this morning - but Chicago Police wouldn’t say whether they’ve put in place any extra patrols or other measures. As for the Chicago Marathon, in October? EMANUEL: The marathon will go on. It’s a great part of the City of Chicago. It’s a great event, as well as it brings in about 170 million dollars in economic growth to the City of Chicago, and so it will continue.A spokesman for the marathon confirmed it is going forward - but wouldn’t say what, if any, route changes or extra security will be in place.