Chicago Police search for leads on child’s body found in pond

Sep 9, 2015

Credit AP Photo/Paul Beaty

Chicago Police say they are devoting all resources necessary to figure out who dumped a toddler’s body in a West Side pond. 

Chicago cops and volunteers are going door-to-door in the Garfield Park neighborhood asking for help in the case of an African-American child who was dismembered and thrown into the water sometime in the last two weeks.

Police divers have been searching the lagoon since a resident made the initial discovery on Saturday night.

"We’re all fathers, brothers, sisters so just mentally that takes a toll on our personnel."

Deputy Chief Steve Georgas is overseeing the search.

"There’s no way to see underneath the water so you literally have to get on your hands and knees and touch, see and feel and pick up every single item that’s under there to see what it is."

Yesterday the city’s water department started draining the lagoon.