The City of Peoria adds back a public relations position

Jul 10, 2014

The City of Peoria is hiring a public relations specialist. The city eliminated the position more than two years ago trying to balance an operational budget deficit.

The move also comes as the city is facing the ACLU lawsuit for the twitter debacle. But City Manager Patrick Urich says this move was being planned well before that:  

“We had this discussion at our council retreat back in December. We were talking about the need for this position. And with some of the changes we made in the administration office, we moved a position that we had that was handling Peoria Cares down to finance. So we started to look at what some of our needs were in the administration office.”    

Urich says the communications specialist position is needed within the city. The Peoria City Council unanimously approved the addition of the position that will be filled as soon as possible.